The Best Sandals Resort? A look at Sandals South Coast

By Lynn

As seasoned Sandals aficionados, my partner and I embarked on an enchanting journey to Sandals South Coast in Jamaica, a spot that now tops our list of favorites. Perfect for honeymooners and couples alike, this resort encapsulates romance and relaxation.

The Culinary Delight at Sandals South Coast

Exquisite Dining Choices: Sandals’ culinary consistency shines at South Coast. Our top picks? The Parisian charm of Café de Paris and the mouthwatering quesadillas at Schooner’s.

Diverse Meal Options: From the buffet breakfast at Bayside to the eclectic dinner options ranging from Giuseppe’s Italian to Eleanor’s Caribbean cuisine, the choices are boundless.

Unforgettable Activities: More than Just Sunbathing

Exclusive to Sandals South Coast: What sets this resort apart is its array of activities. The highlight for us was water skiing, but the options are endless, from snorkeling to sailing.

Complimentary Fun: The all-inclusive approach to activities at Sandals ensures a joyful and stress-free experience for every guest.

Accommodation: A Mix of Classic and Luxury

Room Varieties: While we usually opt for basic rooms, Sandals impresses with its over-the-water bungalows. Every room boasts a beachfront view, elevating the stay at South Coast.

Service Beyond Expectations

Tip-Free Luxury: Sandals’ all-inclusive service, including a no-tipping policy, ensures a seamless experience. The staff’s dedication to excellence is evident in their personalized service.

The Pristine Beach: A Slice of Paradise

Serene and Private: The two-mile-long beach is a serene sanctuary, offering privacy and untouched natural beauty. It’s ideal for leisurely strolls or relaxing by the ocean.

The Clarity of Water: Natural Beauty with a Twist

Protected Waters: Thanks to the offshore reef, the waters are calm, perfect for swimming and water activities. However, the clarity varies, making other Sandals locations like Grande St. Lucian more suitable for crystal-clear waters.

Lively Pools and Night Entertainment

Vibrant Pool Scene: The resort boasts Jamaica’s largest zero-entry pool. Both the main and Dutch Village pools are hubs of activity and relaxation.

Nightly Entertainment: Sandals South Coast ensures that every evening is memorable with diverse entertainment options, keeping the fun going even after sunset.

A Note on Accessibility: The Journey to South Coast

The Adventure Begins: The current road conditions to the resort add an adventurous twist to the journey. While improvements are ongoing, guests should be prepared for a bumpy but scenic ride.

Sandals South Coast is not just a resort; it’s a realm of romantic escapes and adventures. Whether you’re honeymooners or long-time partners, this destination promises an unforgettable experience with its blend of luxury, excitement, and serene beauty.

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